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About us

I am a professional chef originally from Lapland, Finland. I have lived outside of Finland for half of my life and worked in various restaurants and catering kitchens around the world. Still my taste memories, flavors, and cooking always return to my roots. Scandinavian taste, simplicity and purity of flavors fascinate me and call for new, sometimes unexpected combinations alongside beloved, traditional dishes. 

Just like most Scandinavians, I am a big nature lover, and I can often be found trail running or hiking in the polder scenery of the Netherlands. Nature conserving and sustainability are close to my heart and I try to respect those values also within my work. Ingredients from near, seasonal products, diminishing waste and good planning are key values of my work. Whenever there is a foreign product or ingredient needed in my recipe, I try to find a local replacement or order in bulk to avoid unnecessary transportation. I try not to use plastic or disposables. I aim for good planning of only necessary purchases and transportations as well as precise calculations and experimenting with recipes to avoid food waste. 

I love to plan parties, organize dinners and see the smiles on the faces of my customers. Good food is something we all deserve – one of life´s small pleasures. Good food is made to be enjoyed in good company – amongst other people or just by yourself! 

I hope I can give you some enjoyable moments with Ehta Nordic Catering.

Photo by: Immu Sundström

Hanna Buttigieg

Photo by: Immu Sundström