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passion for cooking and catering

High quality culinary experience for events of any size at your selected location

Ehta Nordic Catering was founded because of Hanna's love for purity of flavours and to plan parties.

Every event is unique and an inspiration at Ehta Catering. Long international history as a professional Cheff gathers sustainability, customer service and the magic touch in package that is tailored foryour party

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in Finnish language.

Northern delicacies are closely identified with freshly picked seasonal ingredients, planning ahead and dedicated preparation.

Sustainability/ foot print stays small with thoughtful choosing of the suppliers and using local fresh ingredients. When ingredients from far are needed we get enthusiastic adjusting the recipe with local ingredients. buying bulk is also an option.

I feel Hanna is an artist her canvas being the frames her customer gives her.

Ehta Nordic Catering was founded because of Hanna’s passion to cook and love to plan parties.

Hanna is an established professional chef who ≈ enjoys living in Netherlands already x Yeas. 

Purity of flavours gets her eyes sparkle being proud of her roots in Lapland, Finland still show up in the palette of the flavours.

Another contiuous source of energy is happy customer when event is even more than the customer expected.

For us every event is unique and inspirational weather it is catering a casual event or the most demanding ceremony.

Ehta Nordic Catering acknowledged as a trustworthy and diligent caterer with demanding diplomatic and business occasions.

We find catering is an close-knit part of event weather finalising the setting of an expected atmosphere or being a center piece of the occation.

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Tell us about your event and we’ll make it even better

Social events

Private or business Weather an elaborate celebration, social mingling, or party of any size - at Ehta Catering we listen to your wishes carefully and with long experience we tailor 'just right' for you're event. You give us the frame, we make it happen and you enjoy your special time. Read more


Our long and wide experience as a professional Cheff and caterer around the World reassures a reliable and diligent approach even for the most demanding customer.

ask for Scandinavian celebrations

Scandinavian traditions are important part on our four seasons. Traditional approach and something with a modern twist all North European traditions are fondly celebrated with Ehta Nordic Catering. Hanna is proud of her roots in Finnish Lapland and in keeping up the beautiful traditions where ever life took her. She is happily settled in Netherlands for many Years.

seated dinner

Cheff at home

Would a professional Cheff at home be that something special your occasion? Or maybe our ready to cook or ready to heat meal Ask for options we offer


Good food is one of life´s small pleasures. We want to make your event small or fancy bit more we love our work and your happy face

A fruit of passion to cater and purity of flavours

Hanna enjoys living in Netherlands after working years around the world as a professional chef  in high end kitchens and as caterer. Her roots are in Lapland Finaldn and she is proud of maintaining the pure Nordther Europa taste pallet. 

Every event is unique and inspirational combination of preparation sustainability and getting the essence of what makes it just right.