Ehta Nordic Catering

Lunch Ideas

Scandinavians usually enjoy a warm lunch at the workplace, school or day care as well as a warm dinner at home. We offer a selection of warm dishes such as creamy salmon soup, forest mushroom soup, creamy spinach soup, home made meatballs with mashed potatoes or traditional Jansson´s frestelse, a creamy potato casserole with salty anjovis. 

We also have a selection of beloved Nordic open sandwiches, smørrebrød with fillings such as smoked salmon and avocado, prawn and herb mayonnaise with egg, meatballs, vegan carrot lox with hummus.

We recommend you try Finnish rye bread for your sandwich or a warm rye crusted rice pastry with egg butter. Or how about tasting one of our famous savoury quiches, such as smoked venison or vasterbotten cheese quiche?

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