Ehta Nordic Catering

The Essentials

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Cinnamon buns
Think of the Scandinavian kitchen and you will probably think of steamy, sweet smelling cinnamon buns. Yes, we do also! They are the best known and best loved goodies of the Nordics. Now you can order your original cinnamon buns from us. Freshly made every day. Make sure you order enough, they are yummy!














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Archipelago bread

Taste of this archipelago bread is sweet but very rich and comforting. You can eat it with cheese, salmon or just butter. Also delicious with hagelslag. It has a unique combination of flavors; molasses, syrup, rye and oats. No preservatives, additives or anything else that doesn’t belong in you. You will fall in love with it, just like we have. 

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Rice pastries

This is a typical Finnish savory pastry. It is loved by Finns and anyone who has ever tasted it in Finland. Creamy rice porridge wrapped in a shell of rye dough. Traditionally you eat it with boiled eggs mixed with butter, but also very tasty with cheese or even strawberry jam. Sounds weird, but very much worth the try.